ARTFX Medical

ARTFX Medical is a privately held company located in the U.S.A. We manufacture the highest quality, safe, effective, and affordable spinal and trauma implants, as well as surgical instruments. 


Production Area






Years of Experience

We offer an extensive array of innovative, surgeon focused systems designed with the best clinical outcomes in mind. Our various devices are CE or FDA approved and we follow all ISO rules and regulations.

We are committed to always staying ahead of the market trends and to provide surgeons all over the world with dynamic solutions for their patients. With distributors in over 30 countries and counting, we are only a phone call or e-mail away. 


As a developer, manufacturer,  and supplier, ARTFX Medical has an innovative and exciting product portfolio Our first-rate facilities give us the ability to customize medical devices for our customers all around the world. Our spinal and trauma implants are updated and expanded in line with technological advances to satisfy the current and future needs of both patients and health care professionals.

Our dedicated team of experienced engineers and programmers, can design, build, and customize virtually any type of spinal and trauma implants to your exact specifications.

Research and development have always been important to our company. We regularly collaborate with clinical sector individuals, universities, and research institutes to test, innovate and update our products.


Quality has always been central to what we do. Since our founding, our top priority has been to offer consumers all around the... world products that meet the very highest quality and performance standards. To achieve this, it takes three crucial things: •Complying with ISO, CE and FDA procedures, rules and regulations •A culture shared by all employees at every level •A manufacturing and packaging process that targets excellence.


ARTFX Medical reaches patients, medical facilities and providers all over the world through our network of motivated and experienced distributors.


Our customer service professionals are responsible for addressing customer needs and ensuring fast and efficient communication.